Blockchain technology and crypto based activities moved faster than national legal systems, but legislative and regulatory pressure is becoming more prevalent around the world. Even though legal regulation has not yet been established, our team’s experience allows us to anticipate a few steps forward.

We are a team of people with deep understanding and passion for crypto currencies and blockchain technology with significant experience to provide first class solution to crypto-based clients. Our team unites active people from different successful and well-known projects in crypto world. Moreover, we are strongly united by the belief that blockchain technology will make the world a better place.

We see that people and companies in the crypto world face challenges and need help. Governmental institutions knowledge about crypto is obscure, decisions are blunt. We see a perfect niche to help crypto industry to setup and regulate best legal business practices working with partners and research centers across the globe.

Crypto world is very different. To understand it we became part of crypto ecosystem. Now we can bridge crypto and old world and to help them to cooperate!